Viral Campaigns are probably the largest marketing phenomenon of our generation.

The concept of potential customers being the ones who power your market exposure can be exciting.  But its not a simple as creating a short video and emailing it out as a you tube link.  With Facebook and Twitter both being new playing fields its important to know who you want to target, when, and why.
LYNX / AXE- AXE is the largest selling male hair product line in the USA.  LayerZero produced a series of Step by Step (how to use) videos that are short and slick.  These were coupled to a Point Of Sale QR campaign giving potential customers the chance to see the product in action, understand how and to use it and then buy it.  All this by harnessing the power of a customers own smart phone, modern 3G technology, and the use of simple and cost effective QR technology.

So what is a QR Code?  Well you have probably seen them on a lot of billboard advertising and in magazines.  Simply put its a portal to any almost any content you want to make available   Used wisely these can generate traffic, awareness and sales.

Videos produced with smart phones sizes in mind -
That means large text on screen that is easily viewable.  Short, punchy videos that engage the viewer and communicate the message quickly.

Multilingual Delivery -
All of the videos were produced in multiple languages to cater for the different regions.  Language include; French, German, Dutch, Flemish and Portuguese.